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Little Rock Star


«My Heart belongs to you» is a premium bebe and kids bathrobe and poncho collection inspired by a folk “heart” motif.

This motif is usually used as a part of many traditional tapestries. It’s about unconditional love and contains blessings and love for our little ones.

Choose your «My Heart belongs to you» bathrobes for newborns and 1-3 years old little ones.

Great for indoor or outdoor summer activities. Use them on the beach, in the mountains, at the playground or just on a cold night in the city.

Keep them protected and warm with your love and a Postfolk little bathrobe.

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Additional Info

1.2 kg
100 × 100 × 0.7 cm
Fabric weightt
400g per m2

Product Details

99% cotton beach or bath towel, lightweight, with colored hand-stitched finishing.
Digitally silk-screened with water-based inks.
Excellent color fastness to light (7).
Machine wash at 30° – 50° C.
Digitally handcrafted & produced in Greece with blessings and love


Symbol's Global Meaning      
Unconditional love / Blessings / Trust / Abundance / Happiness / Playfulness / Bliss / Luck / Health  

Talisman Usage      
Maximizes the blessings around your littles ones.
Keeps your little one always safe and sound surrounded with blessings and unconditional love.

Cushion embroidery found in Nisyros (12 ISLANDS )

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