POSTFOLK: the future of our past

POSTFOLK design high-end, handcrafted digital embroidery inspired by the core archetypes, symbols and universal motifs of what is known as traditional folk embroidery. Folk embroidery was always intended to bring joy and abundance to domestic life, and so the Founder, Greek born Creative and former Art Director Maria Olga Vlachou has delved into the past and reworked this traditional artistry for the modern age. Current collections focus on printed textiles and accessories, with beach/bath/pool towels and bespoke art prints among the best-sellers.

Maria has turned every little stitch, pixel by pixel, into a modern reinterpretation of these classic designs, to create homeware design for the modern era, yet with the same care and affection employed by the traditional artisans that the brand seeks to celebrate. POSTFOLK uses only exceptional quality materials, vibrant colour combinations and heritage motifs, along with innovative textiles and modern design techniques. There is also a meaning behind each print, intended to support joy and well being in our day-to-day lives.

Discover the POSTFOLK unique collection and choose your own everyday blessings.


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