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It’s very important in life to have your own  “lighthouse”.

My unrelenting passion has always driven my choices and decisions in life. Each choice leaded me to new pathways (whether easy or difficult), new experiences, images and people.

The MAMOS beer lighthouse has reminded me that wherever I go, whatever obstacles I come upon, my “light” will always be my lighthouse. The creators passion is always “their lighthouse”.

I decided to handicraft the Lighthouse of Patra because I was touched by the story of Petros Mamos who stayed loyal to his hometown where he was born and who always returned there to his “lighthouse” ( his home, his dream and his people). For me, the “lighthouse” symbolizes morals and ethics that we creators have the need to guide us through our vision and the path of all those who love our creations.

This work of art was created with a lot of love in the context of our cooperation with MAMOS beer and we hope it “lights” your space with whatever you dream of in the coming year.

A huge thank you to MAMOS beer for the unique inspiration, the amazing stories and the wonderful cooperation!

You can find the Art print here