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Sandy Toes


If I stare at you, would you be uncomfortable?

Our premium and innovative towel is lightweight, durable and made from refined cotton yarns with different colored hand-stitched finishing for an extra note of luxury.

Very soft with a unique texture on the top side, fast drying and highly absorbent to adjust easily to any adventurous lifestyle.

Digitally silk screened printed with hypoallergenic water based inks, bright, exuberant & eccentric colors, our towels are tolerant in any summer condition without color alteration.

The "Talisman" beach/bath towels are inspired by the "lucky eye"  handicraft found in the Ionian Greek islands at the end of the 18th century.

The lucky eye is a well-known symbol that provides protection against all evil forces, bringing Luck, Prosperity, Happiness, Good Health and Fortune.

Use them on the beach, pool, yacht or at home in the bath or as a home decoration and feel protected all year long.

Keep your talisman with you and all eyes will be on you all year long!

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Additional Info

0.700 kg
Φ 150cm
Fabric weightt
400g per m2

Product Details

99% cotton beach or bath towel, lightweight, with colored hand-stitched finishing.
Digitally silk-screened with water-based inks.
Excellent color fastness to light (7).
Machine wash at 30° – 50° C.
Digitally handcrafted & produced in Greece with blessings and love.

The Talisman

Symbol's Global Meaning
Luck / Prosperity / Happiness / Health / Fortune

Talisman Usage
Showers you with luck.
Safeguards the user from the wild world.
The lucky eye provides protection against evil.

Ionian islands

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