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Greek Heterotopia

We decided to approach the hotel room through the concept of Foucault’s heterotopia and create a space that has more layers of meaning and relationships to Greek urban context and culture than immediately meets the eye. A spatial assemblage of objets-trouvés and urban scenes translated into interior design, result to a new topology ,where a visitor’s trip starts even before exiting his room to meander the city.

The weaved baskets transform to abstract tile for the entry/bath area, the designs on traditional embroidered fabrics become a Braille-like installation, the ceiling and wall receive a louver treatment reminiscent of old windows and doors. All design is based on local production techniques and locally sourced materials but with a contemporary take. We aim to highlight what Greek design is and can be beyond the neo-Greek or Cycladic folk.

The concept of heterotopia becomes even more apparent through the integration of social media and space-branding. The hotel room is designed with the concepts of “selfie” moments and “instagram corners” in mind, thus resulting to a self-sustained media/marketing campaign. The room becomes the advertisement, the physical space transcends to virtual territories.

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