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«Give me flowers» is a premium beach/bath towel collection inspired by Greek folk flower motifs found in decorative tapestries such as Karpathian style Stylomantila.

Flowers included in a decorative tapestry, symbolize love, passion, beauty, blooming, trust and healing.

Postfolk’s «Give me flowers» collection is infused by Hanakotoba (花言葉), the ancient Japanese art of assigning meanings to flowers into Greek folk culture by choosing collection names from this practice. The language of flowers, is a means of mystical communication which conveys emotions and messages directly to the recipient or viewer without needing the use of words.

Meanings have been attributed to flowers for thousands of years and some form of floriography has been practised in traditional cultures throughout the world.



Choose your unique packaging (included in the photo slideshow) for your selected product which explains the meaning of each symbol and blessing.


This collection supports truth, blooming, communication without words, flirting & healing.
Give your loved ones “flowers” with a hidden meaning and enjoy a spicy summer.99% cotton beach or bath towel, lightweight, with colored hand-stitched finishing.

Digitally silk-screened with water-based inks.
Excellent color fastness to light (7).
Machine wash at 30° – 50° C.
Digitally handcrafted & produced in Greece with blessings and love.

Weight0.350 kg

S, M, L

Fabric weight

400g per m2



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