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«Water your spring» every day for the years to come. Nurture your mind, air your soul, let the bees sprinkle you with pollen, share your flowers. Be passionate for every small bud, but be patient until that first bloom sees the rays of the sun. Then, just be grateful and smile.

In Greek folk tradition the flowers symbolize birth, spring after winter, happiness, fertility, joyful youth, prosperity, enlightenment.

Flowers symbolize everyday blooming, be reminded of this by keeping them in your vision field.

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Foil art prints
Dimensions: (handmade, hand printed and hand cut) almost 23cm-28cm
Metallic foil is for glittering your year with light.
Color foil is for keeping the everyday colorful.
Background fine quality papers is always there to support your Flowers and keep them in healthy environment.
Postfolk art prints are made in Greece for exclusively art lovers, paper lovers, color lovers, life lovers and just lovers.
They have been printed one by one from the best bookbinder in Athens.

Weight0.200 kg
Dimensions23 × 28 × 4 cm


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