I design therefore beware

BEWARE OF GREEKS Bruseels 16-20 October 2017

It’s been 2 years since POSTFOLK started as an official company of innovative fashion-homeware design and more than 5 years since the idea of digitally handcrafting and redefining Greek folklore was born. Today our concept has come to life and our collection has found its own place in the living space. We consider this occasion as an important milestone in…...

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Room 18

GREEK HETEROTOPIA We decided to approach the hotel room through the concept of Foucault’s heterotopia and create a space that has more layers of meaning and relationships to Greek urban context and culture than immediately meets the eye. A spatial assemblage of objets-trouvés and urban scenes translated into interior design, result to a new topology ,where a visitor’s trip starts…...

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BO2 Fashion brand

How would you describe the ideal Greek Summer? This question was the inspiring trigger for the creation of BO2’s summer resort collection. A collection full of Greek summer light, traditional villages, white & blue islands, secret bays, golden beaches and salty moments! Greek summer is folklore. That’s why BO2’s resort collection could be nothing less than folklore chic. A personality…...

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