postfolk story

inspired by the dynamic designs of the motifs in Greek folk art

POSTFOLK was invented by Maria-Olga Vlachou, a Greek graphic designer who was inspired by the dynamic designs of the motifs in Greek folk art which for many generations have been a part of the traditional Greek cultures graphic lexicon. Nowadays these motifs are an object of antiquarian interest.

POSTFOLK wants to unlock the possibilities of these wonderful figures in modern art design and render them afresh. It seeks to enrich these motifs with vibrant new colours and design in a totally whole new way.

In short, POSTFOLK’s mission is to restructure these elements with a brand new visual of silk screen prints.

POSTFOLK is the creation of digital handicraft, a kind of digital embroidery. In creating these figures pixel by pixel, we want to pay homage to the fine needlework of the countless women who stitched these figures in table runners and toppers, on pillowcases and coverlets on the fabrics used in their everyday domestic life.

Finally, we want to revive this visual legacy and enable it to evolve, true to its origin but free of the constraints within which Greek folk art is usually presented. We want our traditional past to travel beyond our country borders and with this scope in mind, POSTFOLK is very much about the future of our past.

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